how can i make my notebook faster

Is your notebook computer slow? When your notebook doesn't work the way you would like it to, it may get frustrating. You're in a hurry and your laptop requires many minutes to start. You've deadlines in front of you but once you start typing some thing, you see a lag on your pc. These are typical symptoms which you experience with a slow laptop computer. There are many methods that you could attempt to boost the speed of your notebook. To try out these ways, you don't need a specialist. When you have minimal fundamental knowledge about the laptop, you'll be able to perform these by yourself.

The speed of a notebook depends upon a huge number of elements. Such as hard drive space, operating-system, Ram memory and maintenance. You require to bear in mind each one of these factors when you wish to improve the rate of your laptop. Offered below are easy ways that make your laptop faster:

Defrag the hard disk drive of your notebook

If you've been utilizing notebooks and pcs for long, you'll be acquainted with the concept of defrag. Defragmentation streamlines all your data files and makes access easier. You must perform Defragmentation each few days as it will assist optimise your laptop. It assists in the repair of your notebook.

Check the Ram memory

The RAM of a laptop is a vital part of the system and is where most data is saved for fast access. It is important that you simply upgrade the RAM of your notebook every several years. There are numerous of recent applications which require additional memory to run and thus, increased RAM. When you improve your Memory to slightly bigger one, you'll be able to boost the system speed. Nevertheless, a huge one can create a significant change in the notebook speed.

Utilize a excellent registry cleaner:

Registry is also an important part for the functioning of your notebook. It stores all your login details and also program configurations. The registry however only stores files and doesn't get rid of them. Eventually, there's an over-loading of files in the system's registry therefore some are over-written. So, files could be damaged or misplaced. The notebook as a result requires additional time to open various programs. To fix these errors, you should utilize an excellent registry cleaner frequently that will clean up the registry and produce your laptop perform more rapidly.


  1. For me, upgrading my notebook's RAM always help, because it lags only when I am doing multitasking or high on RAM stuff.

  2. Thanks for sharing good suggestion for upgrading netbook. Agree with your post.

  3. uninstall unwanted software
    delete unwanted file and folders
    save all old movies an songs on DVD's then delete them
    delete all history and internet files
    (we can say get ride of your old bad stuff)
    increase vertual memory
    scandisk (chkdsk) all partitions
    download latest viruse scan even if it was a trial
    anti viruse scan all partitions disinfect or delete
    defrag all partitions
    at the end
    through it from the window and go out with your loved friends ;)
    I am just
    ilo <> veu
    I LOVE U

  4. I use cleaning software like CCleaner to get rid of old useless data and help OS to work faster. Actually reinstalling OS always helps a lot too:)

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