test your great communication style

Communication is one of the most important characteristics for success. Communicating is not easy. We believe that to speak and hear is communication. But it is much more. When listening to someone, ask yourself the following questions - you're totally attentive to him / her? Are you paying attention to the tone of voice? Do you maintain eye contact? Did you watch the body language? Want to give answers to the range so that the speaker knows that you are listening to a rare? You can get the meaning behind the communication? In short, you are getting exactly what they say?

What about your speech? What type of tone you adopt? What's the speed of your speech? Are you utilizing the right words? How you can coordinate the body language with your words? Think you're calling the attention of your listeners? Is it possible to convey what you would like? Are you certain that the listener is your message?

Many of us are poor communicators. We do not understand how to speak and listen successfully. We're not able to draw the attention of the listener to us. We fail to hear completely. Here's our failure in most company and personal situations.

Please test your communication style. Talking with some friends and ask them questions about their style. Note what they say very carefully and make changes. Talk to them again after a few days and see you again. Continue to improve. Reviews of the best speakers on television. Watch their body movements and tone of voice. Look carefully. Good communication will bring an incredible success for you.

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