The network is a collection of two or more computers with communication between them through the half.

Communication gadget could be through radio waves, wires, infra-red, optical fibers, etc.

The network is a component of our daily lives, and many essential cause is the fact that communication.

Make use of the network to share resources, for example fax machines and copiers, printers, modems, documents, etc., along with other utilizes are data source server, server computer systems, e-mail, instant messaging, Internet, etc. the pc, the resources are connected is known as the servers and other pc's to access the resource are called clients. In a peer-to-peer computer networks aren't servers.

The sharing of fax and copy machines, printers and modems in lots of computer systems and users to reduce operating costs. A database on a pc network is an extremely essential program, which shops and manages numerous essential data and work. E-mails and cats can be utilized for instantaneous communication and sending documents to some computer network.

The computer network is categorized by sizing, for example local area networks (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), metropolitan area networks (MAN) networks and PAN (Personal Area). The topology in a network could be categorized like a bus network, ring network and star network.

Network devices are made up mainly of cable adapters and hubs. The computer network cards are needed, so that a computer can understand what the other computer is "talking". Network adapters have a unique MAC address to identify computers on the network. Hub to connect all the computers on the network.

Hubs can also connect to other hubs to increase the network of computers. Two computers can be connected to an Ethernet card or phone lines or power lines for communication, hardware kit is available to pay about $ 100.

As the number of computers in the office or at home increases, so do the number of network cables so access is a viable solution. In the wireless radio or infrared transmitting signals used for communication between computers and devices. Examples of wireless network is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, although it may be a security problem with the wireless network. However, there is certainly a stronger preference towards wireless networks today among consumers.

Networks have added a new dimension to 21 century. Data networks in the world today is much faster and wider than the real world. This is possible because of computer networks. Computer networks have revolutionized business, communication, tourism, research, defense, social, and almost all human endeavors. Development of computer networks has helped the technological revolution to make a big leap forward.

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