What To Do If Your Computer keyboard Crash

Do you consider that the computer keyboard is it essential? Test to utilize your pc without them.Your pc is nearly ineffective with out key-board.And like every other Computer peripheral devices, the computer keyboard can and will put you down.

The keyboard is a simple device and when it goes on the blink, you'll be much better pyrchasing a new, rather than considering the repair unless the problem is something simple like a key.

When we look at the problems with the keyboard, be sure to check out the first course, and like all procedures, problem-solving, do not be tempted to take shortcuts. Follow these steps to solve problems common to the keyboard.

1. Restart the computer. This can sometimes be resolved as a computer, which is frozen or locked in the first round.

2. Look behind the device unit and check out if your cable is completely placed in to the connector. Check to see if the keyboard connector, not the mouse connector.

Turn off the computer and unplug the cable system if unit.Check pins or connectors are not bent or broken.
If all the pins and connectors are good.Try in a new keyboard and restart the computer. If the new keyboard works, replace the old keyboard.

If the new keyboard is not so good, check resource conflicts, if your operating system is Windows 98 or Me.Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, Device Manager tab in System Properties.

Windows displays the products attached to your pc. Click on the plus sign and scan a list of keyboard. If you find an exclamation mark or red X near the computer keyboard, the keyboard is an issue.

Now select the keyboard, click the Delete button, and click OK in the confirmation window. Close the Device Manager and restart the computer. The operating system to reconfigure the keyboard.

Restart the pc and the keyboard doesn't work now function.Its may have a faulty key-board port.This might be true if your 2nd keyboard doesn't work with the pc also.

Although it rarely happens, an error message if the keys are not hot.Stuck also causes error messages to appear on the screen at boot.

Maintaining the computer keyboard totally free of dirt and dust, is important for that proper working of the keyboard. Liquid spills are common and can be cleaned with compacted air cylinder.

My Windows settings can also be guilty of a bad performance.To keyboard to control the performance of your keyboard, click on Start, Settings, Control Panel and double-click on the keyboard.

It is the Speed ​​tab, you will be able to control the Repeat Delay, playback speed, and the cursor blinks rate.The Repeat Delay is a delay when you press a button and when it is responsible. The playback speed controls how fast a key repeats after it starts playing.

Windows allows you to control the functions of the keyboard that will enhance its performance, so that you can accomplish your tasks faster.

Although the keyboard has been replaced or repaired, it is imperative that you learn troubleshooting steps to correct most of the keyboard can be a keyboard problem problems.You late at night and you may need it to work at the end of the document you can have need to work. I do not know how to solve problems and help others who may feel that the fault of the keyboard.


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