Solid State Drive SSD Samsung 470 Series 128 Go review

Check out the provides a SSD SATA II control with a software to three spirits and an MLC display storage. The maker states the greatest information prices of 250 MB / s study and 220 MB / s produce. We examined a edition with a 128 GB enhance kit for personal pcs.

What desire to examine SSD Sata II at the time of Sata III? Because their value has decreased a great deal with the appearance of the new technologies. If your pc or pc PC has only a SATA II program, they are a discount. With its applied material property, the 470 Line is light than common, with only 64 h on the range.

The style we examined comes with a hold to add a 3.5-inch position and a SATA cord and energy cord. But it is above the included program that create the distinction.

The first CD contains the cloning program Norton Ghost, Symantec, to effortlessly move the items of your drive to the SSD. On a second, Check out the noted a method software that will work with Windows: Wizard. There is many operates, such as modernizing the firmware, safe removal of information and operation seo. In shorter, enough to use your SSD.

With the examine method ATTO, we tested the prices of rate of 266.3 MB / s study and 260.6 MB / s produce, which is a little a whole lot worse than the SSD with included control SandForce such the F120 Power Corsair, OCZ Vertex 2 Technology or SanDisk Extra (281 MB / s study and 271 MB / s write).

But the Check out the SSD can make the distinction when screening CrystalDiskMark with constant circulation of 254.7 MB / s study and 250.3 MB / s produce, while the other three designs do not go over 215 MB / s study and 145 MB / s produce. This examine concerns the move of significant information in true circumstances.

For small information, the Check out the SSD is less fast than fighting designs. But its operation is still good, especially in looking at (18.7 MB / s on common and 129.3 MB / s top rate in the best conditions).

Finally, while the SSD SandForce have a ability of 120 GB (111 GB useful with Windows), this style presents 128 GB (119 GB with Windows), which is a hassle-free of about 7%.


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