A Pen Drive is actually a extractible storage gadget that connects into the USB port of the pc. Sufficiently small to suit a vital ring, Pen Drives are perfect for moving pictures, tunes, docs along with other data in one pc to a different. Various producers through the years have named their Pen Drives with numerous names regularly creates confusion.

Subsequently, Pen Drives may also be called Pocket Drive, pen drive, jump drive, USB Flash Drive, USB Flash Memory Drive, USB Key Drive, USB Memory Key and USB, and much more!

Though none of those names are true or false, one of the names cause a lot of misunderstandings for individuals happens when somebody describes a Pen Drive, utilizes the Memory Stick term. This is because Memory Stick is a brand of Sony and describes a kind of memory card used in electronics from Sony, it's a totally various product that won't connect straight to the USB port of your pc !

USB flash drives were invented by IBM in 1988 as a replacement unit, but never patented by them, M-Systems, who were hired later with IBM to manufacture Pen Drives actually own the patent. So think of a pen drive, a floppy disk today. The main difference is that a floppy disk contains moving parts that can cause data stored on it vulnerable, a Pen Drive is the strong sense that there are no moving parts making it resistant to dust and everyday magnetic fields and therefore a safer option for storage. USB can also contain data for many, many more on the disk.

Once connected to the USB port of a PC port of the pen drive appears in Windows as a Removable Disk with the C: drive, CD-ROM, etc. You can simply drag and drop photos, music, documents and any other data on the removable disk, as you would any other folder on your computer (no registration complexes, such as CD or DVD drive is required). The Pen Drive can be removed (see Safe Removal of Pen Drive below) from the computer and connected to the USB port on another computer that gives you access to information that you copied to the Pen Drive.

The compact size of cost, robustness, and under the pen drive has been a great success and an essential tool for many. It is ideal for transporting personal data or work from one place to another, ie from home to school or office, or to load data that someone may want access to a variety of places . A U.S. insurance company in charge of customer data and details of a small pen political organizational unit and advises policyholders to use a neck strap in case of emergency, another company did the same with the holders policyholders who go Sking. Another company that their conference record video to disk and a pen so that delegates can refer in the future. USB keys can also be used to backup your important documents.

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