With the expansion of laptop computers, selecting to upgrade or apply notebook computer memory isn't as easy as it might appear in the beginning.

There are several different types of memory, and it is important that you choose memory that is compatible with your laptop. The memory is a little tricky, so be very careful when handling.

Increasing the memory of your computer Tips

You must make sure that the laptop is turned on, and disconnect the external power source. No lights should be visible, and if they are, stop and make sure that any source of live energy.

Laptops are a bit different on the desktop that is not necessary to remove in order to add more memory.

Access to the memory slots is via a panel located (in general) in the bottom of the laptop. Once you have found this forum, that should be a small matter of a screwdriver to open the panel and the display of the existing memory. In fact, you can do this to check the exact type of memory your laptop uses at present, as is usually indicated on the front of the memory strips and should be visible when you open the control panel memory .

Memory strips are generally locked in small clips on the ends of the strips. To remove the existing memory, simply return the clips, pull the tapes from the memory of the place of the portfolio. If you are simply adding memory, of course, and no space is available, simply add the new memory, pressing gently to make sure it is properly seated in the slots and close the clips that contain the new memory in place .

After you have changed or added to the memory of a laptop, it's simply a matter of replacing the door, and then rotating the rear panel.

Finally, start the laptop, and to ensure that the memory was read by phone. When the PC starts, it takes memory and tell you how he thinks he has access.

If problems occur, repeat the entire procedure, checking very carefully that the memory is properly inserted into the laptop.

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