notebook computer battery life review

Notebook Battery is important for the laptop user. There's nothing worse than you really need to use a laptop just to get off the battery. There are certain things that can help prolong battery life.

The first thing to consider would be to ensure that the battery life. More of your charging habits. The worst thing that can make your laptop battery is always keep it in the charger or the battery when it is half full. This will reduce the battery life will give you fewer hours of operation. The ideal way to charge the laptop battery would be to use until it is completely dead and then recharge it fully.

The second issue to consider is your spending habits. Using multimedia such as movies and music will kill your battery faster. Above all, do the operations that are CPU intensive. Playing games will decrease your power much faster than say, surf the Internet.

There are also a number of settings that can help preserve battery life. Windows has various functions to portable computers. For example, you can set the power consumption depending on what you're doing. You can set your laptop on the desktop as if you are close to the power supply to get the maximum performance from your system. On the other hand, you can also set it to use power as efficiently as possible, if you are moving. These settings will not be able to change things, like how much power the CPU uses, screen brightness and so on.

Ultimately, it is for the individual user. Some laptops come with the option of an extra battery that can double the power of your laptop, there are at your disposal, but it is often expensive. There are also more advanced batteries that can be used, but again, they will cost you extra.


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