Keeping Your Pc Computer Clean

If the computer is used a lot and hold it for hours at a time is a good idea to clean it from time to time, one of the main problems is dust. Dusting can extend your life and keep the computers running faster and quieter.

If you have a desktop computer for the most important place to collect the dust around the CPU and fan zones. To avoid overheating your CPU fan is connected to a heat exchanger that is located on the top of the processor to dissipate heat. This fan blows the heat sink to cool because the heat rose from the CPU. As the fan is constantly blowing air also blows the dust particles in the air to cool the body, it can eventually clog computer heat sink to reduce its effectiveness. Because dust can have your fan to blow faster to make it heavier and more expensive to run. Normally you can see if the fan is off by simply opening your computer and watch. If your sink fans really heat is blocked by dust and dirty look is a good idea to give it a clean.

When dealing with the inside of your computer or make sure the electricity is off and not connected first.

The best way to clean the inside of your computer is to use a can of compressed air and a special nozzle, you can buy these at any good store. The nozzle is useful for reaching difficult places. When spraying compressed air into your computer, make sure not to spray everything that condensation may form a few drops of water. After blowing the dust on your computer heat sinks give a light wipe with a cloth strap. You can also use compressed air to clean the power unit and keyboard.

Cleaning the inside of the computer does not take much to offer the right tools, and once you do you will notice an immediate improvement in computer performance. Fan used to have to blow as hard as it is quieter and, with cooling temperatures around the processor PCs usually run faster. I'm trying to clean the computer every 4 or 5 months, to keep it running efficiently.


  1. Cleaning the computer is very important. Most of us dust very often to keep it looking clean but those who use the computer for long hours need to do more cleaning. Also, vaccuming the keyboard and some computer equipments are fine but not the CPU. I also feel that wiping clean LCD monitors are more convenient.

  2. Excellent and useful article on clean the computer., thanks.


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