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I see children eating ice cream sandwiches while they dug through the DVD collection again. With children at home, it is inevitable that every time you hear a CD or watch a DVD, I have to clean the discs before playing. Fortunately, he spent several years working in a support group for the manufacture of CD and learned the best way to clean the discs and running again. In this case, as simple as it is, is my preferred solution for cleaning discs.

Mix a large amount of water a few drops of dish soap.

That's it. None of the commercial cleaning devices expensive and I do not wash plastic records. I know it sounds very complicated and somewhat mysterious, but it works. This solution works most of the time if you:
Use a soft cloth and wipe the solution on the disk starts from the hub in and dry on the outside edge of the disc. Never rub hard or in a circular motion. Do not rub on the disc, because you can scratch the disc to create a UN-serviceable problem.

Wipe the disc with a soft, dry cloth. Again, wipe the disc from the inside out. Straight out. Do not go around the disk at all, because you might create scratches that are parallel to the track.

Why this solution will work for most of the time? On most CDs, DVDs, particularly praised the gameplay issues are caused by fingerprints. Fingerprints are oil based and detergent, are designed to cut through and remove the oil. If this method does not work, you have a disk with zero cut or scratch on the label side of the disc. Scratched discs can sometimes be repaired with repair solutions for CDs or CD scratch.

Dish soap and water does not fix the scratches, but makes a number of discs to play.

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