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Some people think that the standardization of DVD-ROM drive for new computer systems, CD burners have become obsolete. Most people have a different opinion writers, so do I.

Before you go out and buy a CD or DVD burner to the requirements of the individual needs to determine the best choice to be selected.

A DVD burner is used to duplicate or copy a DVD or burn video files to DVD format so they can be played on a DVD player. DVD discs can burn gigabytes of data on disk, in some cases, an entire hard drive data, trying to make a choice to use it as a tool for data backup.

We must remember that to be able to play DVDs, DVD-ROM is needed. If you're in an office environment and the need to use the disk on multiple computers, then it can cause a problem because most computers in an office is not installed with a DVD-ROM - if they can not c is a waste of money from IT departments.

Although CD burners are a bit slower than today's DVD burners, they have several advantages over con is compared to a DVD burner for data backups. Blank disc media for CD burners are either 650 MB or 700 MB in size, yes, much smaller than a DVD disc.

CD-R discs can be voice or data and can be read almost anywhere on the CD-ROM, and if the CD-R has been transformed into an audio disc then its possible to read the disc in Hi-Fi or car CD player - you need make sure the unit is able to read CD-R, CD players, newer models of compatible to read CD-R media.

DVD recorders only advantage of the size of CD recorders. Now that DVD recorders are becoming more popular, the prices of CD burners and media are falling making them a very cost effective purchase.

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