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Video technology has increased dramatically in recent years and continues to grow at an incredible rate. DVD Digital Video Disc alias is most likely the last major jump in consumer video technology that everyone is familiar with. To keep up with the growing world of electronics a new format of video storage will be released soon called Blu-ray.

Blu-Ray is a next-generation optical disk which will whack the socks of the items everyone knows right now: DVD.

Conventional DVD players use a red laser that have long wavelengths, which limits the storage capacity on a disc. Blu-Ray uses a blue laser has a wavelength much shorter. Because the wavelengths of the Blu-Ray are much smaller than can concentrate in a place with much greater precision, allowing data to be filled with more force than the red laser DVD.

Blu-Ray can store 50 GB of data, 10 times higher than a 4.5 GB DVD. 10 times the capacity will greatly increase the amount of information that can save to any disk one and change the way of recording information. Dual-layer Blu-Ray will be able to store up to 4 hours of HD video. High definition video is going to hit big here, Blu-Ray is an example of a technology that will happen. 50GB is probably comparable to the size of many of our hard drives, and the image with all this information into a small disk that can fit in a pocket and take it wherever we want is a little scary.

Expect to see Blu-Ray replacing DVD and VCR in the coming years, according to the transition from video to HD video. The video is not the only thing that will benefit from the Blu-Ray, I hope it will become the norm for PCs and other types of storage.

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