The advantages of Including Network Cards

NICs are additions necessary for buys of PCs since the tiniest workplaces now get access to internet broadband and P2P.

Although the cost of buying later, Ethernet adapters on the card are the same as the price of the package, customers must have Ethernet adapters more with the purchase of your PC.

When you add Ethernet adapters for PC purchase, you and your customers need not worry about compatibility between them and other hardware in the PC and operating system choice. Any device driver installation and configuration issues are already taken care of for you.

You and your customers is even easier to get the help of the PC manufacturer for technical advice. Seller recognizes the PC Ethernet card as part of the whole system, and configuration "supported". And once again, an Ethernet adapter is likely to be subject to a standard on-site system warranty agreement.

In many cases, Ethernet adapters to be integrated into motherboards for the PC desktop and laptop. There is no explicit option to include or exclude from the Ethernet adapter. It looks like the motherboard of the PC as a serial or parallel port.

The only drawback is that if you break the Ethernet adapter, the PC maker will have to replace the motherboard. If this happens after the warranty period is over, usually, you can disable the onboard Ethernet adapter and install a third-party adapter available in Ethernet PCI or PCMCIA expansion slot.

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