Until recently, restaurateurs and hospitality have been cautious about the use of wireless POS systems for their establishments. Such things cost, ease of use and the general uncertainty of new technologies has caused them to take a break. Today, however, the popularity of PDAs, Blackberries, mobile phones and the like, mobile technology and wireless mobile solutions have become very popular, and suppliers of hospitality to take second looks.

In a high price and a competitive market, it is not surprising that those in the hospitality industry want technology to help increase revenue. But how can a wireless POS device help achieve this goal?
Wireless mobile computing can help in many ways. An example is the elimination of the need for people online in a particular POS terminal to place orders. Using mobile technology, service personnel are more productive since time spent during the order-making process is reduced. Wireless mobile computing can also serve as staff to place orders instantly, and then jump to the next table, it becomes increasingly table. And because service personnel are more productive, significant savings can be seen through the labor costs down.

Another drawback to stationary POS terminals is that service personnel usually take place several orders at once to the kitchen, the kitchen staff overwhelming. Side of the table Place orders eliminates this problem because orders are more evenly distributed.

An important benefit also consider a wireless solution selling point is that, by placing orders directly to the table, order taking is more accurate and less food is wasted. This translates directly into decreased food costs. In addition, service staff can spend more time with customers, which significantly increases sales opportunities.

The use of wireless mobile computing in a home also allows restaurateurs to approach staff more efficiently and effectively. Instead of scheduling a large number of personnel on active duty who is responsible for all the order taking and food delivery, a wireless solution for point of sale allows restaurant owners the possibility of hiring only qualified to give large sections, and their customer focus first at home, taking orders and sales up. No duty personnel can be hired for the delivery of food and clean sections. When duty personnel are able to remain on the ground, the result is a superior customer service and sales increased again with the sale and faster table appears.

By using PC notebooks the entire POS software is loaded and the unit functions as a terminal in a peer-to-peer synchronization PDAs, etc. do not work that way, they insist on Writing for the unit, rather than not have enough food and drinks. Volante has evolved its program of peer architecture, and now POS software can be downloaded onto a small wireless notebook with amazing results. The technology is revolutionary - nobody else can do what Volante is doing.

This approach can work very well in places that are not traditional coffee plants, such as stadiums, trade shows, casinos, arenas, tracks and outdoor sales where conventional POS terminals are not practical or appropriate.

Wireless mobile computing steering even more features important and innovative. For example, menus, portable or handheld devices are exactly the same menu as the traditional registry. The databases are in sync with each other. You do not need to be programmed separately, they are extending the host machine. This approach is more convenient because it does not require separate servers for PDAs and traditional registers. And Because Volante POS software is written in pure Java, its real-time as well.

Wireless Solutions POS really allow Hospitality leaders to enter the 21st century, while giving them an additional advantage in a highly competitive industry.


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