New external hard drive HD-3 TO LSU2 Buffalo

New external hard drive announced by the manufacturers Buffalo. With dimensions of 39 x 123 x 189 mm weighing about 1 kg, to equip themselves with a hard drive to minimize noise silentblock. Passive cooling is provided by a multitude of small holes in the front and top of the box. Can be used horizontally or vertically according to your wishes.

HD-LSU2 available in version 1 and 2 against the resolution of the HD-3To LSU2. Buffalo has opted instead for a USB 2.0 interface!. One option for very questionable ability. The schedule will be necessary to complete these solutions. However, the manufacturer is bought by the presence of an energy-saving technology called Super Eco-reduced demand by 98% when the activity is reduced.

Available in two colors (black or white), HD-1For LSU2 2To is announced and $ 135, $ ​​177 versus $ 274 for the HD-LSVU2 3To.

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