laptop computer Toshiba Satellite L755D-12L

Satellite L755D uses a low-frequency processors in production A6, A6-3400, which runs at 1.4GHz and is paired with a generous 6 GB of RAM. The clock speed may not seem particularly fast, but new feature AMD Core Turbo can increase this to 2.4 GHz for improved performance in applications, like turbo boost can be found on Intel chips. It achieved a total score of 35 in our multimedia benchmarks are a few points behind the average laptop Intel Core i3.

Although desktop performance is only average, the graphics processor is nothing short of revolutionary. Our benchmark Dirt 3, which operates 1,280 X720 with a lot of detail and 4x anti-aliasing, you could almost playable 25fps. We could run the game at native resolution 1366 x 768 portable high-detail playable 31fps when we turned off anti-aliasing. This should mean that almost all of the current generation of games are playable with a little tweaking.
We were impressed with the material inside, but outside the Satellite L755D not provide much excitement. Although the interior has changed dramatically, Toshiba has re-used the same chassis as the rest of the L755 line-up, including the red plastic frame, bright screen 15.6IN. Connectivity is also identical, with three USB ports, VGA and HDMI, multi-format card that supports the latest SDXC and a DVD re-writer. There is no support USB3, unfortunately.

The battery life is pretty reputable, with 334 min's of juice situated on a full charge, and 2.5 kg Toshiba Satellite L755D-12L is not too much a issue to tote around anyplace, for long stretches. If you want to function whilst you're keyboard is fine although not exceptional - the touch buttons alternatively, and travel is less than we wish. The touchpad is quite discreet - you don't fully realize exactly where it is a result of alternation in consistency as it is just like all of those other chassis, meaning there aren't many cracks crumbs to really go to town.

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  1. Satellite L755D looks stuffed with features and ready to execute serious business. I wonder how much Satellite L755D costs but 2.5 certainly is not too much to tote around anyplace, anytime.


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