hp wireless mini bluetooth keyboard XB387AA

HP Wireless Mini keyboard is small, as small as a netbook pc keyboard keys are half size, but manageable if you need only browse the web, watch videos, and consume media. Its wireless USB dongle has a special feature called "Link-5", which allows you to combine up to five other HP devices to a USB receiver.

The HP Mini wireless keyboard is made of plastic but has a soft touch matte black allows the chassis free of fingerprints and smudge marks. The keys are sized to fit the frame chiclet the Shift key and right halves to fit the arrow keys.
In the upper right and left of the keyboard are two buttons that are part of the integrated mouse. The right button is a small bright nucleus of texture and works as a navigation function touch: it looks like a pointer Lenovo, but you can navigate as it is a touchpad. I would have preferred if it had a more structured or matte finish on your finger tends to rub the slide on the optical finger navigation. The left button has a matte finish and acts as a left click of the mouse.

HP Mini keyboard comes with a row of dedicated shortcut keys functions. Pressing Ctrl + F1 to F11 something is going to launch a program or perform a function. There is a button that will launch your Web browser dedicated to your computer to sleep, lock your Computer PC, you can advance or rewind a song on iTunes or a movie, play / pause or stop their media, and even adjust the volume or full.

HP Mini Keyboard connects via a USB receiver that plugs into your PC and sends signals to a frequency of 2.4 GHz. The USB receiver is also a special feature tacked on: it can synchronize with up to five other HP devices at a time via the link-5 technology concept is not unlike Logitech Unifying own. But without any other HP devices to be tested, I can not say how easy (or difficult) it is to couple other devices to the USB dongle.

HP introduced a series of keyboards and mice with-5-Link technology.

There is no on / off switch to conserve battery power. However, the battery compartment, where the method of storing a USB wireless adapter, and when you're on the move.

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