The Evolution Of Information Processing

Data processing has changed dramatically over time. If we are able to follow the principles of modern analytical computer Charles Babbage (1791-1871), who actually saw the beginning of today's information during the Second World War when used as a source of destroyers. After the war, few anticipated how much more equipment that affect our lives. From the beginning, even IBM thought that there would be only a handful of companies that need a computer.

In those days, computers were huge systems based on vacuum tubes and main memory. With the advent of integrated circuits, computer architectures has taken a giant leap. Mainframe systems in the early 1980 became client / server applications in the 1990's. At the same time, the Internet has grown from a few engineering and research systems in a global network. He took a bill from Al Gore to the author for the trade through the Internet makes things really start to change. Every company, every organization, there was a place in the "network".

Ubiquitous nature of the Internet was the perfect way business is global in scope, while maintaining a local presence. Immediately after the provider has an Internet-based applications. Today, solution providers take advantage of service-oriented architectures and BPEL to provide environments in which to do business more agile.

Today, a combination of Internet a huge, low-cost computing power, data processing became an ancillary function to a unit of account the mechanisms by which organizations can change and improve the internal management by integrating their interactions with customers and suppliers.

The key to modern computing is not only the automation of some manual process. Today the company is aware that the data processing, information systems, change processes widely used to run the company. They are not just doing the same things more efficiently, it makes thins differently.

Previously, the order has been printed and sent to the supplier. Order has been received and if the item was in stock, has been sent. Items not in stock was back in order. Today, supply chain integration, the entire supply chain is integrated in a network. Inventory management software providers to notify the stock market has declined and the order in place. Suppliers to use data mining and CRM software to predict ordering patterns and anticipate customer needs.

Even how businesses interact with their customers has changed. In the past, businesses used mass marketing to attract the magnitude of the number of customers possible. Today we have mass customization, where a group of companies to provide customized goods and services.

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