cheap desktop computers or cheap laptop

You may find the question several times when purchasing a computer. This guide gives you the pros and cons of owning a laptop against a desktop PC.

Processing speed

Comparing processing speeds, laptops usually lag behind their desktop counterparts. With rapid advances in microchip technology, the gap between them is smaller.


Most laptops especially those with Intel mobile chips come with wireless capability out of the box. This means you can get online from anywhere at home easily without ugly son, if you have a wireless network setup at home.
Desktop PCs generally do not have this option in the box, although this may change in the near future.

Display Graphics

Due to the size of a laptop, most companies or laptop with entry-level integrated graphics RAM limited. This means most laptops even some expensive can not run graphics-intensive applications or 3D games and a
desktop PC.

With a desktop PC, you can buy a dedicated graphics card just to serve a graphics-intensive.


Portability is the reason everyone wants a laptop these days. Because of its size and weight, it is easier to carry around a laptop instead of desktop PCs.


Laptop memory chips generally more expensive than desktop computers. If you buy a laptop at less than 512 MB of RAM, be prepared to pay more for memory upgrades than the PC Desktop.

screen display.

All laptops for their portability to buy laptops are not generally come with screens as big as their desktop counterparts. The screen technology used is generally not as good as those used for normal PC.

In addition to a desktop PC, you can always upgrade laptop screen bigger and better, while you're stuck with the screen the same throughout the life cycle of the laptop.

So if you need to buy a cheap laptop or a cheap desktop, ask yourself what are your needs? If you want to be able to use a computer wherever you go, you are looking for a laptop to meet your needs.

However, if you do not need the portability of a laptop, play a lot of 3D games, graphic intensive applications, if you are interested in upgrading to prolong the life of your investment, then desktop is a better option for you.


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