If you want something nice 13.3in laptop unisex surely attract attention, limited edition, bronze Sony VAIO S Series is the perfect VPCSA25GG. And 'only available for the bronze by Sony or Sony Center stores, with the black versions available in other stores. The black, however, we think the S series is still desirable, and because it is thin and light notebook that offers high functionality and high performance. It is far from perfect portable and even if it costs a lot too.

The Sony VAIO S Series netbook is designed to respond VPCSA25GG mainly use the business users really want something to show. It's like the Toshiba Portege R830, since it is a slim, lightweight model with piles of speed, and unlike the Apple MacBook Air with a strong monocoque design.
It has a total thickness of 25mm, and is very easy to carry and work on a daily basis, and also a nice guy is sitting on his lap. Despite the fact that light and thin, it feels sturdy enough, even if it is slightly flex the palmrest and lid.

However, we had a problem with the hinge of the screen. Unless the screen is tilted back all the way, the hinge was not strong enough to hold the screen to tilt forward on their own. Hopefully this is something that is not present in the final versions of this laptop, it was very boring.

A fan is present in the cabinet, and there are also plenty of ventilation holes on the underside of the unit. If you use S-series on your lap and block these openings, so that the laptop will get very hot, but in general use on a flat surface, it will remain relatively cool. When the laptop is under a heavy load, the fan is loud and you will surely be embarrassed by it, if you run CPU or graphics intensive tasks in a quiet room. The fan draws air to the rear of the cabinet through a small hole between the frame and display. It looks like the design of the MacBook Air in this regard. The small hole increases the noise because the air has to squeeze quickly move a small area.

The screen has a native resolution of 1600x900 and has good brightness and contrast. It has a non-reflective matte finish, but the glow was still visible at times and we had, we had to adjust the angle of the screen frequently to counteract it.

The configuration of the laptop is powerful enough. You get an Intel Core i7-2620m, which has two cores and Hyper-Threading technology, which operates at a standard speed of 2.7GHz. He is joined by 6 GB of DDR3 SDRAM and a 640 GB disk, hard 5400.

The graphics performance of the S series is awesome. Despite the fact that so small, that encloses the AMD Radeon HD 6630M graphics card, which was booked in 7516 and the 3DMark06 score. This will surely give the VAIO S series, which is used for some games. If you do not need this performance very graphic, you can use the integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics card instead - it is a respectable score recorded in 4791, and 3DMark06. The choice between the two graphics cards is very easy to change thanks to the keyboard above: select the "courage", if you want to use Intel graphics and extended battery life, and then "speed", if you want to use AMD's graphics.

In our battery tests, where we turn off the power, turn on Wi-Fi, and optimize brightness loop a video encoded with Xvid, the laptop lasted 3 hours 51min when run HD graphics on Intel. It lasted 2h 28min, when you run the Intel graphics. The battery of the S series has a 49 watt-hour rating and is located under a cover which is screwed in place. Once this is removed, exposing the battery, hard drive, Wi-Fi module and a single slot of RAM.

A second battery can be installed to extend the life of a laptop computer from the wall outlet. This battery is connected through the bottom of the laptop and start doing a little 'more often. Before connecting a second battery, a small rubber cap is removed from the base connector - if it disappears, so that the connectors are permanently exposed. Connector port replicator is similar to the cover. We think that a kind of solid cover should be installed instead.

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