Toshiba Satellite E305 laptop multi-S1900X is a cut above average in design, performance and functionality. If you are, you can find advanced features such as a 500GB hybrid hard drives with an integrated solid-state drive 4 GB, Blu-ray, USB 3.0, Intel Wireless Display (Widi), and WiMax.

The E305 features match those of the best all-purpose laptops. In addition to these two standard USB 2.0 ports USB 3.0 port one which is still valid, while the unit is on standby so you can recharge mobile. You can also play music through an MP3 player connected to the external input, while the unit is in standby. WiDi video output lets you route E305 to an external monitor via a wireless adapter. The device supports HDMI and a VGA output, even if you do not want to spring for the adapter.
Battery life in our summary of evidence was 5 hours, 35 minutes - the average of notebooks in this category. Intel integrated graphics playable frame rates HD game logic of older games, but will struggle with the latest and greatest. It looks good, too: The E305 is fully backlit screen 14-inch 1366 x 768 resolution provides deep, rich colors.

The video is excellent. Blu-ray player that plays through the internal Blu-ray / DVD reviews as well as we could wish, as well as high speed video files to 1080.

The connection is a rare combination of old 10/100 Ethernet, and dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wireless. One of the very rare feature is the built-in WiMax - wireless broadband service available in many urban centers.

The E305 features a silver casing with textured black highlights. It is reasonable to ToTable 5.5 pounds. Ergonomically, though, it is less successful. I found the texture of the touchpad off-putting and sufficiently sensitive to movement. Also the buttons integrated into the pillow, my habit has led to keep my left index finger on the left button in many accidental clicks.

The E350 comes with the usual array of software and tools: Microsoft Office 2010 Starter, a trial of WinDVD Norton Internet Security above, and a Best Buy around. Toshiba provides a reasonable number of applications and utilities brand as well, but you can save memory and CPU cycles to return to Home Premium Windows 7 companies where possible.


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