The Gateway NV55S05u  is one of a dozen 15-inch laptops Gateway NV with a galaxy of different processors. In the case of the 15.6-incher, a A8-3500M AMD APU is inside. A8 processor is an AMD quad-core AMD with 6620G graphics, resulting in better-than-Intel integrated graphics, the game of consumer 3D games. As for the processor, which is comparable with an Intel Core i3, but slow down a little.

640 GB hard drive and 6 GB of RAM is more than likely to get elsewhere for the same price, but otherwise, this $ 629 laptop is a picture of the property of mediocrity. Get it if you're desperate for an all-around laptop with better graphics than the average, the lowest price possible.
The large 15.6-inch 1366 x 768 glossy display on the bridge seems actually quite clear and sharp for a budget laptop, especially considering the head, but at any corner of the image quality deteriorated quickly. Text and images looked better than the film, although the lack of a high resolution screen, resulting in a pixelated look at some of the content seen up close.

This is the first notebook we've tested with AMD processor A8. The 1.5 GHz quad-core APU-3500 A8 is a system on a chip that combines CPU and graphics and to provide better graphics than Intel integrated graphics punch.

As for the CPU processing power, it is clearly less powerful than the A8 i5-2410M, and worse yet realized that the Intel Core i3-2310M equipped laptops. The i3-packing based Asus U31SD-A1, Core i5-equipped Dell Inspiron 15R, and Toshiba Satellite L755 Core i3-S5214 everyone was faster on two simple tests and multitasking. We had no problem with that bridge when you make everyday computing, and many users may not notice the speed difference: performance is comparable to a new generation i-series Core processor, which is certainly more than enough for most users. Some tasks such as installing software felt much slower. The additional boost graphics, although the poor, contributes to the overall experience a bit.

With its six-cell battery included Gateway NV55S05u lasted 3 hours and 19 minutes of video streaming. By comparison, Asus lasted U31SD-A1, which had a faster processor and better graphics, more than 6 hours and Toshiba Satellite L655-S5161 lasted over four hours. After playing the game, empty battery even faster - and the vent side of the heat was considerably hot.

Gateway includes a standard one year warranty NV55S05u. Navigating the Gateway site for drivers and model-based support can get a bit 'confusing for an assortment of strange names to pass through the assembly. Support telesales requires input the SSID number on the bottom of the laptop.

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