Take the Toshiba Satellite L755-144, for example, a laptop a 15.6 widescreen display and Blu-ray drive.

We have seen better screens of laptops, but this one, while a bit weak in the resolution that was very helpful. The higher the resolution, the sharper images and text on the screen, so the slightly lower resolution of 1366x768 pixels mean everything has been the least bit upset when we looked closely, but basically it was fine. Certainly, high-definition video as well as on it.

Comes with two small speakers that are placed above the keyboard, which seemed fine, but only produced a sound. The quality was good, but the volume is not very high and the bass was missing, despite coming to the "Sound System Toshiba Bass Enhanced".
A lot of computing power available. The processor is an Intel Core i5-2410M model, and has 6 GB of memory. Internet and Office tasks did not cause any problems, and has been completed, you can get a DVD copy of Quick-to-a-laptop 33 minutes. And 'the NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M 1GB of dedicated graphics memory, which has helped to moderate the performance of the games.

The 64-bit version of Windows 7 operating system is installed with a few Toshiba applications, some of which were more useful than others. Reel Time Toshiba is a sense of file management, while the installer of the equipment was much more useful. It contains some useful software to use Nero and backup discs, and Office 2010 Starter containing low-cut spreadsheet and word processing programs.

Online support is good, because it is the fastest version of both wired and wireless networks and Bluetooth devices. It 'also a headphone jack and microphone, a VGA connector for connecting the monitor. There are two USB ports on one side, one of three high-speed USB connector on the second and SD memory card reader, front hand.

Battery life was just about four hours in light use, although this will decrease when, for example watching a Blu-ray Disc. Overall, this is a good laptop for work and home and entertainment, but it's a shame 3D does not live up to its billing.

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