The fact that the netbook is becoming obsolete does not mean their extinction. Thus, while many so-called buyers of a small compact cheap computer focused on the Tablet PC may be more appropriate - well, almost exclusively of the iPad - it really has not stopped the likes of Samsung trotter in the new models as the Samsung netbook NS310.

Bright blue case, and Samsung NS310 is a nice rounded edge and corner, so it is not an ugly form deal. Just like the current white MacBook from Apple, in fact perhaps not surprising given the tendency to switch to Samsung's slavish copying Apple's designs when you think you can get away with it. And the weight is worth noting, too - in the shadow of more than 1 kg to 1061g.
Hitting the weights, however, Samsung has equipped Samsung NS310 with a battery 25Wh thin. This has the advantage that flush into the belly of the laptop, rather than extending behind the mole-like, but it means that the execution will be too short.

In MobileMark 2007 productivity test battery, the Samsung NS310 lasted less than four hours.  Comparison with Samsung netbook elderly, such as Samsung NB30, which were not such slaves of fashion and the AC, and that could put together a nine hours and increases the size of the battery condition.

The Samsung NS310 uses a low-power integrated graphics processor, the Intel GMA 3150, which occupies 256 MB 1 GB RAM out of the very limited system.

In our graphics tests, Samsung has played in our 2fps gaming laptops FEAR test standard NS310. We fell in detailed settings to High, where he remains marked 2fps.

Drops of other parameters to a pixelated detail below, he played an average of 25fps, with 54% of the play under the magical 25 fps.

Low-resolution screen is glossy dark, with the usual things associated with the reflection, when used in daylight or lighting.

If you are prone to the concept of a little under-powered netbook, the Samsung NS310 offers all the usual features, but glitzier cases and battery life.

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