Netbook Pc Fujitsu LifeBook S761

Fujitsu laptop S761 is a 13.3in  that weighs only 1.7 kg, but it is a powerful configuration and a lot of features into a solid - is also a DVD burner. As a business-oriented model, also has a lot of security features, some of which work well, some of which may require the help of Fujitsu's basic technical support. It 'definitely a laptop that has a lot going for it, and we think it's there for Toshiba Portege R830 up in the round, mobile laptops are concerned, but it is expensive.

The CPU is a Intel mid-voltage components: it has two cores, Hyper-Threading 2.7GHz, and rotates. It is a powerful composition of a small laptop, and provides plenty of grunt for the office and multimedia work, but we can not help but think that it would ship 128 GB SSD at a price.

In our Blender 3D test, which recorded a time of 37sec, while in the MP3 encoding test iTunes clocked 46sec. These times are not super-fast - Time Blender is what we expected but is slightly faster than the time recorded by the Portégé R830 I tested with a 2, 5 GHz Intel Core CPU i5-2520m. The Portege R830 was even better in our test transcoding DVD: The Fujitsu took 49min to convert our files to a DVD 1.5 GB Xvid files, while the Toshiba took 48min. The Fujitsu should have been faster if we look at the result that the Dell XPS obtained 15z (44min) and this may have something to do with all the background programs that are installed on the Fujitsu - there are many take up to half of the length of the taskbar.

From these performance results, we can see that there is not much advantage to having the Core i7 i5 when running desktop applications. However, the Core i7 has better integrated graphics. This was demonstrated in 3DMark06, where Fujitsu recorded a score of 5014. The Portege 3792 registered in the same test, so you can see that Fujitsu is superior when it comes to 3D graphics processing.

What is the battery, S761 6-cell, 67 watt-hour battery, which lasted 4 hours 8 minutes on our test crumbling.

In this test, remove the power management to the Wi-Fi, to optimize the brightness of the screen and XviD video encoding loop until the laptop runs out of juice. Our results are not too far from the claim at Fujitsu for five hours, and there is a battery that allows you to manage utility consumption LifeBook so they could approach or even more than five hours of life. When using a basic web browsing and document creation, and low screen brightness, you should get even more out of it.

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