Samsung N100 Laptop Ultra is based on a dual core Atom processor from Intel, its weight is only 1.03 kg and the company says its ultra portable computing capabilities and Internet connectivity is also on the road than ever before.

Samsung Mobile & IT Country Head said Ranjit Yadav as the design of the N100 is based on our N150P Netbook huge success, which has sold nearly 3 million units to date. Netbook N100 Samsung also shows its continuous innovation, while the quality of mobility, and greater satisfaction for our customers. The N100 continues our series of high quality and netbooks are an excellent value for money for customers.
This netbook features a 10.1"screen DuraCase hardened enclosure, this netbook N100 is also light, with only 1.03 pounds. Its hardware specifications include the Intel ® Atom ™ N435 (1.33GHz), 1GB RAM DDR3 Intel GMA 3150 graphics and 250GB hard drive, 10.1 "LED anti-glare screen that offers 1024 x 600 pixels.Its dimensions are 10.3" LX 7.4 "BX 1.05" h, the N100 is powered by a three-cell price 40 watt hour battery.The Samsung N100 netbook is between Rs.12, 290 Rs.21, 990 in India, has eight fields of the model.

This device includes Intel’s innovative MeeGo™ operating system*1, providing customers with a highly effective and fun for its users. The user interface is an artificial, easy to approach and content offline and online, while social networks may be viewed at a glance which means it's easier to stay in touch with internet.A DOS or Windows ® 7 system OS is also available as an option.

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