RF511 with 2.3GHz processor Core i5 Sandy Bridge, 6Gb RAM, 650Gb HDD, Nvidia GeForce graphics chip and 15-inch GT540M running 1366 x 768 also packs of SRS Premium Sound, and is available with an optional Core i3 and Core i7.

It is also very clear with two USB 2 ports, two USB ports 3, HDMI, VGA, Gigabit Ethernet, DVD burner, 802.11 b / g / n wireless and Bluetooth third inclusion of two USB ports 3 are particularly noteworthy and it will help make the laptop will last into the future.
It has a multi-touch trackpad and the same glorious display I've seen on RF711 and sexy series 9 ultra-portable which is so bright that it is easy to use in direct sunlight. The screen is highly reflective self, then you would not use candles in office or next to a window of reflection for a long time.

It 'the same battery as it is a 17-inch cousin, and has excellent battery life for more than five hours of light use, and use the Intel integrated graphics. Load the game, though, and the Nvidia chipset automatically kicks in that it is a beautiful RF711 Black Ops Call of Duty medium and high settings, but the way in which the battery will give you only three-quarters of an hour before connecting the AC outlet.

The sound of the stereo speakers are great, in fact, I thought it was best I had keyboard RF711.The I'm a little less impressed, however. The main keyboard is excellent with the keys of Scrabble tiles have a safe trip and have been widely distributed. The keypad is not so great, but the buttons and keys oddly placed closer. You can live with it, but it takes some getting used to.

The aesthetic is a construction of plastic, but plastic are generally high quality. The shiny gloss piano lid, back and inside of the screen is surrounded by a gray effect of carbon fiber. In fact, I think this model is unlikely to suit all tastes, but not offensive. The main body of the laptop is dark gray with a silver panel on the keyboard. This compensates for the lack of a keyboard backlight to help make the keys easy to see. It's nice to see too, giving an impression of the laptop of luxury that the lack of some others.

you're after a gaming laptop of 15 inches and do not want the volume or weight of the RF711, so it's a good buy, will not be disappointed. However, the price is low enough below the RF711 to justify the loss of these materials, including binoculars hard drive and a larger screen excellent. If you can afford, and do not carry a laptop all the time then RF711 offers excellent value for money, but the RF511 is still an excellent laptop in its own right and thus take into account.

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