HP Z210 as an entry level machine that offers an introduction to the engineering workstation desktop. Its small size and the profile is not exactly aesthetically interesting is a bit pricey for what you get, but overall it is a true artist in relation to competition this range of specifications and prices. HP Z210 Workstation is designed for a professional, but not necessarily engineering-oriented environment. That has many rewards, grade server components optimized for heavy loads - even if it is true with some limitations we have found that putting the machine to the test.

With the advent of notoriety, and Core i7, to consider why the Xeon? Since the Xeon processors are typically intended for use in servers, which tend to run cooler and lower voltages compared to the Core i7. In other words, Xeon-based machines are designed for continuous use for long periods of time. However, the performance hit could be the problem, and we address that a little later.
The NVIDIA Quadro 2000 graphics card is part of a product line that is specifically designed to work permanently. Some applications such as SolidWorks and Inventor are also optimized to work with Nvidia Quadro, we find large groups, advanced rendering, and certain types of simulation system is bogged down in some other systems recently examined but could not determine whether it was because of the CPU, GPU, or a combination of both.

Without tools, a lock on the green side of the box offers easy access inside the compartments HP Z210 contains three 5.25-inch drive, occupied by the DVD recorder and another for the card reader. There are three hard drive bays, one occupied by the drive system.

However, some of the concerns both in the case. First is the issue of possible cooling due to insufficient cooling fans. No food, but only one for all cooling. I think an overheating problem may occur due to blockage of air and heat with additional cards and / or hard drives. Second, the internal wiring looked a bit risky and complicated by the cowardly son I felt there should be tie-wrapped together to minimize the possibility of disconnecting or damaging the installation of additional components in the chassis.

On the other hand, the mere number of ports Z210 is amazing. First of all, it is a 22-in-one memory card reader can handle almost any data card or a sealing device on the market today. It has nine USB 2.0 ports, three of which were before - 10 If you include a card reader, including two USB 3.0 ports on the back.

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