Tablet pc Fujitsu Stylistic Q550

Style Q550 PC Slate is available in two flavors: a $ 729 model has a 30 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) with full-disk encryption (FDE), plus a two-cell battery and a $ 849 version with a 62GB SSD-equipped FDE and a four-cell battery. The model weighs 1.7 pounds $ 729, while the more expensive unit, because of its larger battery is 1.9 pounds, which is a bit too heavy for our taste.

Unlike iPad and some tablets Android is the style Q550 Slate PC is not particularly elegant, or for that matter, stylistic. Instead, its appearance suggests durability and functionality. Although a bit heavy, it's about the same size as most other tablets 10.1 inch screens, a little over half an inch thick and 10.8 inches wide by 7.6 inches high. As with most tablets of this size, the onscreen keyboard in landscape mode too large to type comfortably with just your thumbs. And unlike Android iPad and consulting, we found the keys too small in portrait orientation to write accurately. You probably will not be composing the next great American novel on this device.
Besides being by far the most accurate method of navigation, the digital pen also acts as a mouse. It can be used to click, double click, triple click, and drag. Direction when using the tablet pen and disables the touch interface, allowing you to rest your hand on the screen.

The default orientation stylistic Q550 Slate PC is the scenery, or watch large. All buttons and connections, apart from the power and docking ports are located along the short sides. The order includes a switch for sleep, an input switch, a button screen orientation, an application button to launch, and a switch wireless radio is on a short page. Along the other is a USB port, a headphone jack and an HDMI port.

As for what is on the flat faces, is a stylistic Q550 VGA webcam on one of the short sides of the nose and a 1.3 megapixel camera on the back. Also on the back is a size SD card reader, a smart card reader, a fingerprint reader, and replaceable battery.


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