The dv6-6027tx decent is a versatile laptop for the home. It comes with a screen 15.6IN, a Blu-Ray and specifications that are strong enough for almost any domestic tasks, including games. We're not sold on its keyboard, monitor or on certain aspects of its design. Overall, however, we think it's a good unit sufficient to satisfy users who want a laptop with a lot of speed.

With a second generation of Intel Core i7-2720QM the head, and support for 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM, Hard Drive 1 TB (5400) and AMD Radeon 6770M graphics dv6 Pavilion is one of the largest teams of mobile phone use, we've seen all year. He has recorded times of 21sec and 47sec in our iTunes test Blender 3D and MP3 encoding, respectively, and only 43min in our test files transcoding DVD. These are excellent results for a machine at home, but the results should also be considered the fastest Intel Core i7. We were a little unsure at 5,400 rpm hard drive, but its high density allowed to register a transfer rate of 54 megabytes per second in our tests - will be slower as it fills with data.
In 3DMark06, A score of 12,103 shows that dv6 has more than enough grunt to tackle many games, but perhaps not difficult levels of resolution and detail, it is said, the native resolution of your screen is 1366x768, and many games work smooth at this resolution. You should get some good value in this unit if you are a casual player. You do not want to use dv6 on your lap while you play the game itself because it will be very hot and potentially uncomfortable, it is based on a hard, flat surface so that the vents are blocked. It is also interesting to note that the portable computer system can be very high when the system is under a heavy processing load.

The dv6-6027tx have two graphics solutions installed: AMD Radeon 6770M graphics card and above processor Intel integrated graphics HD 3000. Radeon adapter provides growl, while the integrated graphics provide a balance between decent graphics performance and a longer life battery. The laptop does not choose between the two graphics automatically - in the course of our tests are constantly ask ourselves what the graphics card that we wanted to use every time we switched current sources.

Using the AMD Radeon adapter, our discharge test the battery lasted just 1 hour and 54min. In this test, turn off power management, allows Wi-Fi, screen brightness to the maximum circuit and Xvid encoded video until the battery runs out. When we use Intel integrated graphics in the same test, the laptop lasted 3 hours 2 minutes. This is a very good result 15.6IN good for a laptop, especially one with a high-end processor and Core i7 8 GB of RAM installed.

Pavilion dv6 weighs just over 2.6 kg and has a curved design that makes it look a little thin. It is not too portable mobile, but we have not found it too heavy to drag to and from the office from time to time. If you had to wear it every day, you'd probably get tired of it. It would suit those of you looking for a laptop-style desktop replacement, rather than something that can be periodically carried out on the road.

Its build quality is good and feels quite solid and did not hear any squeaking or grinding of the structure or cover, which is always a good sign. However, the design of the access panel could be better. This panel can be removed without tools (just drag the release mechanism) to facilitate access to the hard drive, RAM and wireless module, but can not be easily replaced. We had to really push the corners, to put it back in the pot after it took off. We prefer to live in his place.

We do not have the brightness of the screen or frame, and the quality of the screen size seems a bit '"cheap" considering the price point for a laptop. We are not even fans of a ring of light around the pad and clear the HP logo on the cover. We wish it was a way to turn off two lights - the ring of the touchpad can be deactivated only by removing the touchpad.

The touch pad feels pretty soft and smooth and it is good to react, even if not always know how to interpret the finger gestures, like a wave. The keyboard is chiclet keys and numeric keypad of the regulation. It bounces a little ', but is long enough to write. We do not like the arrow keys up and down arrows are too small and difficult to distinguish by feel.

And 'the speakers are located opposite the terminal, and also in front of the frame and Beats Audio technology works. However, it should not rely on speakers everywhere except in a very informal listening - are far from providing a rich listening experience, and should only be used in a video on YouTube or something weird like that. If you want to listen to music or watching videos, so it is recommended to connect a number of speakers or headphones.

In banks, the Pavilion dv6 has a Blu-ray, four USB microphone two of them are compatible with USB 3.0, VGA, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, an SD card slot and three audio ports and two headphones. You also get a webcam, 802.11n Wi-Fi (single band, Intel WiFi Link 1000) Bluetooth and a fingerprint reader.

Fingerprint reader works with a simple change in 2011. It can be used to access Windows, and also access frequently used on Web sites. In theory, you can set your favorite Web sites on some fingers and sign with a simple touch. Although the loading of pages served, we have only to access to us in those sites.

Together with a large capacity hard drive, a laptop with the HP Cloud. It is a service like Dropbox, or Trend Micro SafeSync that can store information on the Internet so that it can be used anywhere. It 'a service that you have to pay: 10GB account to pay $ 2.99 per month, 50GB costs $ 9.99 per month 100GB and costs $ 19.99 per month. Free accounts are available, too, which offers 2 GB of data.

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