Netbook pc Acer Aspire One 722-BZ608

Although it may seem netbook fell off the map after it was iPad, low-cost 10 - and 11-inch laptops are always lurking out there, even if they change with the times. While many netbooks used to be and still have an Intel Atom-based, with minimal processing power and manages approximately $ 299, a pair of 11-inch laptops have become more efficient based on AMD processors and integrated graphics card. We have examined some of these ultra-portable E-350 auxiliary power units, such as the HP Pavilion and Sony Vaio VPC-dm1z YB15KX / SAcer Aspire One 722-BZ608 AMD APU, but it is slower than an AMD C-50 processor is not fast like the HP Pavilion DM1 and its relatives. It 'still a better experience that will drive the budget Atom - perhaps not so much the speed as before, but more importantly in terms of two factors: it included 4GB of memory and ease of handling streaming video.

Acer Aspire One 722 is easy to hold in one hand and a thin edge. Things are going well in a bag. 11 incher is a lighter than competitors such as HP Pavilion and Lenovo ThinkPad dm1z X120e, with a weight that we are more used to seeing in a 10-inch netbook. It also has a compact AC adapter. One thing I always loved his Acer netbooks packages: small caps are more like cell phone chargers and pack easily into a backpack or messenger bag small. The two-prong plug is a bulky wall wart, but no AC adapter bricklike worry.
While the Acer Aspire One can be thin and light, it is not fun to write. The large flat keyboard exposed a lot of flex, the main reaction and felt soft and mushy. The keys are also difficult to find because the buttons are pressed flat so close. Backspace, Tab and Enter keys on the side is compressed to hold the keys in the middle size, which throws us out. Brightness and volume buttons are relegated to the arrow, and is not functional reversed.

Multitouch touch-pad keys are large, and makes the most limited vertical space below the keyboard, while the palm rest is narrow, and can aggravate those with large hands. Slightly embedded in the plastic surface without having responded well to touch, but do not offer much space multifinger gestures. Black plastic button bar below the bottom edge butts against the front of the Acer, and it is hard and difficult to press.
The brilliant 11.6-inch LED-backlit on this budget, the Acer Aspire 1366 a resolution by 768 pixels, you'd expect to find on the average 13 - to 15-inch laptop. It provides an experience that does not compress the browser windows, or feel the urge. Maximum brightness does not show much, but it seemed solid screen during games and movies. Aspire One top hinge opens a wide-angle and viewing angles on the screen was better than many budget laptops. It may be useful when sharing videos or photos with a person next to you.

Speaking of video, video streaming was smooth, much more than any Atom netbook we've ever experienced. Hulu and Netflix, and has played well the whole screen, even if the web pages to run concurrently. It 'great news for those looking for an inexpensive way to stream Netflix and Hulu on the go, but make-up is less impressive now that the Blu-ray Disc, TV, tablets, mobile phones and portable game systems can also do the same.

You will need headphones. The built-in speaker is very low, even at the maximum is barely audible in a quiet office.

A 640x480 VGA Webcam is not an amateur like HD, we have seen a growing number of laptops - the camera is critical to most netbooks and laptops have the budget. However, the image looked clean and well lit in our own internal use. Do not expect anything but average video quality.

Acer Aspire One 722-BZ608 is not just the netbook, but its features will be a mirror. There is no Bluetooth, but there are three USB ports. Built-in HDMI would be great, especially because this laptop can stream video with honor.

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