U36SD and in the lines below you will find information on all important aspects, from hardware to the cabinet and battery life. So better keep reading if you are interested in this 13.3-inch laptop, one of the most elegant in its class right now, and we expect to be quite popular this year.

The stylish frame is one of the things that impressed you when the first of your eyes U36SD. It is just 0.76 inches thick, which is thinner than SB, the Sony Vaio, Lenovo, E220S or MacBook Pro, but slightly thicker than the MacBook Air and the Samsung 9 Series, all the competing high-end 13.3-inch notebook category.
The U36S is not the lightest in its class, weighing 3.74 pounds with an 8-cell battery, but is on par with most competitors and is not at all a burden to bear.

Cover the case of the new Asus U36 is covered in magnesium, so that it bends and feels sturdy, even if the screen is very thin. Version we tested was black, but I do not expect the silver version in stores as well. What will be covered with brushed aluminum, and both of these surfaces are covered with scratches, dust and fingerprints, the only prominent black spots on the model.

Open the lid, you will notice that the palm rest and the area around and above the keyboard is molded in one piece and magnesium, while the bezel around the screen is always shiny plastic, something we would have liked to change the U36JC.

Full-size keyboard Chiclet is mounted on the series U36S, and I consider it very good overall. The keys are the size and spacing, there is little flex and noise, and the keys are just enough travel. But I'm not a big fan of plastic finish of the keys to other devices in this category has a smooth rubbery feel better when you write.

Under the keyboard is a touchpad good size, well separated from the rest of palm trees around. The same is magnesium used for the surface and the entire trackpad is smooth and precise. You also click buttons separate, easy to press, even if they become more rigid as we move towards the center, where a fingerprint reader is positioned as you can see from the photos.

Not a normal 13.3-inch display with Asus, the LED-backlit 1366 x 768 pixels and a glossy finish. Equivalent to the screen we saw a 13.3-inch Asus laptop in recent years. It provides a good overall color and brightness / contrast levels, but the viewing angles are not great, especially the vertical. You need to sit right in front of the screen, unless you want things fade, but fortunately is that the screen tilts back a lot of help to you right viewing angle, even when using the computer on her lap, bed or while lying to bed.

And of course, with glossy screens, will use this notebook outside or in conditions of bright light to be something of a pain, because of unpleasant thoughts.

As you may see in the list of specifications, a second generation base i5-2410M processor inside this laptop with Nvidia GT 520M graphics technology and NVIDIA Hybrid Optimus, over 6 GB of memory and a standard 5400 rpm drive drive. This configuration allows the ultra-portable run correctly anything you throw at it, from standard applications like a browser or a text editor to photo and video editing software.

What is the media, you can perform all types of HD content and the output of the HDMI connection, and also play, although some recent titles. Yet, the 520 GT graphics inside, while the latest generation of chips from Nvidia, is the entry level for the play of light alone. However, I was able to seamlessly COD: Modern Warfare 2on medium details, and other games like Starcraft 2, WOW or Counterstrike works fine.

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