The new Sony HD PG5 series will offer another 500 GB of storage space available to you - while still far from tuberculosis and above the one you see models on the supply of other manufacturers, at least it's a start. Torrent heavy users will surely welcome this extra space, even though I think they will fill it too easily with the amount of content available in those days.

Using USB connectivity, the HD-PG5U be able to connect to compatible BRAVIA models, which means you can record TV programs from the HD tuner connected to your TV or cable / satellite - sounds like the perfect gift for the parent who keeps missing your shows, right? Another advantage is that this - there is no need for you to experience a learning curve.
Apart from that, the included USB adapter cable also open the way to facilitate the PC free transmission of video from a compatible Handycam camcorder with the direct copy function, which among these include the new DCR-SX21E and DCR -SR21.

You can choose between black or white finish, the Sony HD PG5 will be a snap to tote around just 180 grams. By placing them next to your PC, Bravia TV or PS3 does nothing, it will still look as if it were part of the ecosystem of consumer electronics. No idea on pricing yet, but it will arrive in Britain, France and Germany from the middle of the months.

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