HP Pavilion P7-1010 offers some pleasant surprise in the sub-$ 500 desktop computer, such as quad-core CPUs and 1 TB hard drive. Available in Staples $ 499.99, this is a budget desktop is best suited for basic productivity tasks at home, such as your e-mail, Web browsing and light editing.

The black mid-tower case has a glossy black front with a card reader at four locations in the upper part which supports 15 different formats. Below, there are two optical drive bays, one of which is occupied by a multi-disc DVD with a capacity Scribe burning light. Behind a headphone and microphone jacks sliding panel and two USB 2.0 ports. HP chrome badge adorns the lower left corner of the front.
You will need a screwdriver to get inside through the removable side panel. Inside is a hard drive cage occupied by a single 1TB drive at 7200 rpm. Two of the four memory slots are empty and there are three PCIe x1 and one x16 PCIe slot available. If you plan to add a graphics card or more disks, you may need to improve the diet for the first time the P7-1010 is a low power output of 250 watts.

System behind the DVI and VGA outputs, four USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet port, six audio jacks that support 7.1 channel surround sound and digital audio output.

The P7-1010 comes with a full size USB keyboard and USB optical scroll mouse, both of which are very simple, but comfortable enough. Windows 7 Home Premium and HP LightScribe labeling software is preinstalled and you get the usual adware, trial, and game software that comes with most HP consumer desktop PCs.

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