Desctop computer Dino PC Plutosaur 2500

With 8 GB of memory is installed, Dino Plutosaur PC 2500 has RAM double the competition. As such, it delivered the fastest score in our WorldBench 6-speed test with 160 points. But in other areas of PC does not live up to its rivals.

As we mentioned earlier, standard-i5-2500 chip is slower than the integrated graphics, the "D" version. Fear framerate five years game will highlight a huge difference in performance, but the lack of rhythm Dino PC Plutosaur 2500 was an important test of Crysis intensive.
Dino PC has the lowest test the motherboard spec. Missing 6Gbps SATA and HDMI, and PC Plutosaur 2500 is only here does not add USB 3.0 ports.

The 21.5in 2236SWA a more traditional design that controls other COCs in the group. Includes a handy USB 2.0 port, which could be used to connect a camera or other device to the office. But as the Eclipse + F22S, Dino PC screen Plutosaur 2500 only a VGA (analog) connection. The image quality will suffer.

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