While Shuttle Computer has proved more than capable of creating play stations, has announced the availability of other high-end equipment - this time is one that focuses on professional place instead. 6700P shuttle called H3, is presented as a professional PC and workstation designed to provide a solid, professional performance in a minimalist package.

H67 H3 packs Intel 6700P Chipset Platform Express, generation of Core 2 or Core i7 i5, 2-16GB of DDR3 RAM, NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards and AMD FirePro 2 Shuttle's patented ICE heat-pipe cooling, liquid cooling system Ice The liquid. Windows 7 is a selection of the operating system, 500 GB SATA (SATA 500 GB optional), and 24 × 24 dual-layer DVD +-RW Black EIDE drive.

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