Wireless Router Fritz!Box 7390 ADSL2+ review

Fritz! Box 7390 ADSL2 + modem / router is slightly longer than the Fritz! Box 7270, revising the beginning of the year. It is equipped with wireless antennas and supports Gigabit Ethernet, as well as many other cool features. And 'one of the best all-in-one networking equipment market, and, possibly, the perfect network device enthusiast who wants to know every little' complicated details of their Internet connection and local network.

It 's a drive that has almost all the home network, acting under the sun: it is ADSL2 + Modem / Router 4-Port Gigabit Switch, Wi-Fi 802.11n base station with support for simultaneous dual-band, VoIP phones Fund DECT, analog phones, ATA, and can even use the same USB hard drives or a printer. And there's much more, including for example, VPN support, options for parents, extended calling features, traffic monitoring and extensive logging.
Implementation of the 7390 FritzBox to the Internet and mobile use is no problem thanks to the participants included in the web interface - which is running in a few minutes into our tests. Both networks of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless can be configured to operate simultaneously, but their safety must be activated from a different page, and you must use the same password for both networks. In our tests, the 7390 wireless performance was on par with 7270, but has produced results slightly better than the 7270 of 10 meters.

2.4 Using the radio, Fritz! Box 7390 recorded amount of 7.78 megabytes per second (Mbps) from 2 feet away and 6.8MBps 10m away. Using the 5 GHz band, was recorded from 2 feet away and 9.8MBps 7.78MBps 10m away. 2m, at the same time to transfer data using a 5 GHz network 9.18MBps logged when the media was broadcast live on the 2.4GHz network. 5 GHz network appears to offer better overall performance, and we recommend it, as far as possible, especially if you live in a condo that has a large number of networks around 2.4 on your network.

We had no problems at all wirelessly streaming HD video, laptop AC Ryan Playon! HD2 media streamer and Fritz! Box proved to be reliable throughout our test. USB port behind the router to connect the hard disk and distributed to the local network. Since the router supports UPnP media streamer see attached storage device and can play files directly off of it .

UPnP helps when the doors, as some applications can add rules to the router automatically. If you want to forward ports manually, you must identify the call set-up that allows access to the Internet section of the web interface. Here you can also configure remote access, dynamic DNS settings, and VPN settings.

Fritz! Box 7390 NAS functions are not as extensive as those found on some high-end routers such as Netgear N600. For example, you can not create folders and add users via the router, but you can password protect the disk drive and make it read only.

firmware update was not available to resolve this problem, but the model of action has not been shipping the version, is probably something that has been established so far.

If you want to use IPTV, such a service FetchTV you'll be pleased to learn that Fritz! Box 7390 is optimized for the traffic.

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