Windows Phone 7 Smartphone AT&T Focus SGH-i917

Samsung SGH-I917 Focus, AT&T is one of the first smartphone from Samsung, which will come with the new operating system Windows 7 Phone. The first Windows 7 Phone HTC device we tested was the HD7 in November. HD7 was a wonderful introduction to your Windows 7, but straight to the point, that we enjoy in Windows 7 Phone Samsung Focus even more.

The device runs on a processor running at 1 GHz, which is the current standard for most Windows Mobile 7, and features8GB onboard memory. Memory is expandable via a microSD expansion slot. Overall, the system runs Windows 7 Phone OS with aplomb. Navigating the system is fluid, fast and responsive. Apps games and even multimedia-intensive work well too.
Focus Samsung measures 4.84 "x 2.56" x 0.39 "and weighs just over 4 ounces The device feels very good and light in your hands. Compared with the HD7 which weighs 5.7 ounces, the Focus improved significantly Samsung . Overall, we find this form factor to be more comfortable to use, although some might prefer HD7 Heft and the fact that it seems more robust than Focus.

The Focus Features incredible Samsung 4.0 "AMOLED Super. We're talking super sharp and vivid colors on a bright screen gets a lot. This magnificent show brings the vivid colors of the colors of Windows 7 Phone and helps them to explode. The screen is also easier on the eyes after the HD7. That said, the screen is not perfect. If you look closely you will notice the graininess, which is especially visible on white background.

Sports Nexus S made an object similar, but it is something that most people usually notice at all.
Battery life on the development is healthy. We have about a full day of use of it before having to recharge, it is better that many smartphone competitors, including most of the Android smartphones.

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