Widescreen LCD Monitor ASUS VW266H Review

The ASUS Widescreen LCD Monitor VW266H. Following the trend of LCD, ASUS offers a large LCD economic not long ago was prohibitive for us the working of the computer, and a stretch even for the rich. Until well into the 21 st century, it was then and this is now. Folks, this is a 25.5 "at 16:10 1900x1200 native resolution LCD monitor at 280 USD. No, not a typo. It is 25.5", really. Still not interested? It must be because this group is a good piece of equipment for businesses, games and any use of the computer with the added luxury of having 25.5 "of desktop space.

The trend in the LCD monitor is the LCD TV that more and more we see the LCD computer monitors are on the same 1080, (an aspect ratio of 16:9) LCD TV that their colleagues. Well, if you're on that, then you are an enthusiast working in front of a screen connected to a computer that does not watch a movie on a TV, LCD, and you know you have a ratio of 16:10. You should also know that you do not want an aspect ratio of 1080 (16:09), which was originally designed for watching movies. Why?
Due at 16:10 you get a resolution of 1900x1200 which means you get the most vertical of the documents that are oriented vertically, which means more or less everything.Let'll say 1900x1200 1900x1080 compared to that obtained a display surface more real. Not differ in a discussion of aspect ratios. If you like the report in 1080 16:09 you're in luck because they are much cheaper. On the other hand, if you want the ratio to 16:10, still has a chance because it offers this monitor, and a very good price, but are difficult to find online.

The good news is that, although the trend is to mix all the monitors in 1080 (16:09), good old s 4:10 pm are available. This is the case with the monitor, we have today. Even almost a year ago when I bought this monitor, I had to look to find one. Today, I can not find one! Every place he looked exhausted. However, ASUS is adding to her site and have no alternatives in the list. There may be two things here: (1) They are preparing to replace it with a newer model or (2) is so popular that no one can take stock. His sister VW266H monitor is not available either.

ASUS VW266H is not very different from any other screen on the outside. It is black with silver accents on the bottom that flows into the silver buttons. To use it, it is smooth and tight in terms of design, with a nice thin bezel. The cabin is your basic interest and backward tilt, and it is the degree of alignment is sufficient. The monitor comes with your basic set of cables, so as not running around looking for cables. This is also important because the cables are quite expensive.

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