Video Card MSI N580GTX Lightning XE 3GB Review

MSI N580GTX Ray XE uses the same PWM and design of the plate as the beam N580GTX if it is identical in this regard. The XE Ray just added new things. Instead of talking all customizations and PWM and model of the MSI card Lightning series, please read our review N580GTX Lightning to learn more about these custom roles. We will discuss the new features of the XE has been added to the original version in this review.

First, there is double the amount of video RAM on the video card, 3 GB 1.5 GB cons on a regular graphics cards and other Lightning GTX 580 N580GTX-based video cards. Doubling the RAM can help you according to your games and configurations. The RAM will help most 2-way or 3-way SLI, you can run resolutions NV surround a multi-display configuration. Unfortunately we only have one N580GTX Lightning XE looks right now we're limited to 2560x1600 on a 30 "screen. We'll see if the added RAM will help us or not on this game single screen.
Secondly, MSI has added dust removal technology Twin Frozr III cooler. This is unique, and I must say, I've never seen anything like this before. When the computer starts up, fans actually rotates in the opposite direction, are usually 30 seconds to pull air out of the sink, instead of pushing air. This should in theory push the dust particles away from the rich every time you start your computer. Just a little quirk that I see here is that most people consider the computer 24 / 7, so it does not use much. Maybe it gives us reason to revise more often?

Third, MSI has added a sensor chip technology temp. This is very interesting, fans of propeller blade changes color from blue to white around 45c ambient temperature. It is simply a passive way for you to watch your video and see by eyeballing it, if your graphics card work in a hot environment. If so, it may be an indication that you need a better case cooling.

Besides, it's all about the same as XE N580GTX Lightning. The clock speeds are the same with the core runs at 832MHz, 1644MHz shaders and memory at least 4.2GHz. Performance wise, the XE the same performance as the Lightning normal, except in situations where there has been a vram bottleneck, then XE shine.

Canning is actually the same as the N580GTX Ray with the same logo on the front. The addition of the box indicates that the dust removal technology and the temperature sensor chip technology. You'll also notice that the logo of 3 GB of GDDR5 memory on the box. A flap opens to reveal more information about the video card and a window to see what you buy. Inside the box is the checkpoint voltage connectors, adapters, 8-pin, DVI to VGA connector and SLI.

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