Solid State SSD Drive OCZ Revodrive X2 240GB PCIe

Unfortunately, older motherboards might not have SATA 6 Gbps ports need to move data quickly. For these drives to run at full speed, if you need an updated chipset with the third generation native SATA, PCI Express or an add-on cards, which adds faster SATA ports to your computer.

The OCZ RevoDrive X2 has a different approach: it is a PCI Express card with built-in NAND flash chips, a collection of maps based SATA SSD four, each with True Force-1200-controllers, and internally configured RAID 0 - table.

OCZ OCZ 240GB RevoDrive says the X2 is capable of reading data in a very fast peak 740MB/sec, 720MB/sec write, and can do most of the roof around-1 GByte / s data rate PCI Express x4 bus.
Prior to Windows 7, would be to install the OS driver is needed in order to select RevoDrive X2 as a boot device. Strangely, when I tried, gave an error until forced high-speed PCI Express BIOS, but after that, Windows will install the incredibly fast, can be narrower to slow USB media we used.

In the tests proved to be almost as fast as the OCZ specific, at least for some time. Although the unit survived brilliantly large files, reading and writing for more than 600MB/sec, we found the performance of 512-byte files, HD Tune Pro up to 6878 IOPS, smaller than the parents of the OCZ SSD Vertex which reached 11 444 IOPS.

In practice, the test team was very catchy, and not just the first load, but essentially the game, patching, web browsing, even felt softer than a computer hard drive or even the latest generation SATA 3 Gb SSD.

The OCZ RevoDrive X2 stormed Force controllers of sand do not support the TRIM control for pre-erase deleted data, but the SSD has its own idle time garbage collection mechanism to help maintain performance.

It is less flexible than a stand-alone player, limited to desktop PCs, although it will not use a hard drive bay in your computer. It can not be used with all motherboards, to check the compatibility list on its website OCZ practice.

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