The M4 uses an updated version of Crucial Marvell controller used in the C300. Crucial is the only company with this driver. Intel recently chose to use the Marvell controller is in your line of SSD 510. The NAND used in the M4 is 25 nm NAND IMFT crucial. To get the best performance of this laptop 6 Gbps SATA SSD with SATA support 6 Gb / s is necessary. The latest Intel mobile platform, called Sandy Bridge offers support.

To understand how to build M4 fundamental in our test system, the Toshiba Satellite C660 with Sandy Bridge Chipset, Core i5 2410m processors and 4 GB of DDR3 memory.
To get a snapshot of performance CrystalDiskMark DSS ran a 3.0 to determine the speed of reading and writing.

Sequential read comes close to the promised 415MB/sec. Promised 185MB/sec sequential write clearly. 4K performance seems to be highly random and the depth of the upper tail looks even better. A good synthetic performance is nice, but the actual performance that counts.

To find out the real-time performance, I installed Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. Immediately after installation, I ran into some difficulties. The system was sometimes freezing. useful members in the forum said that Intel Notebook Review Link Power Management Service has been the source of these gels. By applying a simple registry hack, CA has been disabled and the frosts have gone. After the system has worked flawlessly.

The crucial M4 provides a great improvement over Intel SSD to install Photoshop and especially Need for Speed. Traditional hard disk drives is much slower to install. This is partly due to much lower random write performance. Then I measured how fast these drives starting with Windows 7 Boot Timer tool.

Fundamental to successfully start the system installed at an impressive 10.4 seconds. Intel is very close with 10.6 seconds. It is clear that the slower the boot disk 5400 rpm. Given the speed 5400 rpm 25 seconds is not a bad time for the Toshiba.

To have a clear indication of the performance of copying files were copied to two folders. The first folder contains a lot of small software file, the second folder contains a file larger than average.

Crucial and Intel are reconciled to the first folder that contains the program files smaller. Sequential writes most crucial to make a difference with more multimedia files, where the key is about twice as fast.

To get an idea of ​​the startup performance of the application, I opened a large TIFF image and Adobe Photoshop CS4 64 bit. Next up was Microsoft Word and a voluminous document containing text and images. After I started the game Need for Speed ​​and measured the time it took to load the first level.

Crucial to open the Word document and in 9.7 seconds, followed closely by Intel. Opening photoshop difference is much greater, it is crucial to open image 10 seconds faster than Intel. Reading the first level of need for speed, hard drive seems to make little difference.

To measure performance multitasking three different tests were performed. The first hole was larger jpg image in Photoshop when the virus scan was running in the background. The display is the time it takes to open the jpg image, and Photoshop. Another multi-function test by discharging a large rar file virus scan at the same time. Show time is the elapsed time between the end of the work. Last multitasking test consisted of three parallel activities: the folder is copied, the rar file and extract the folder was scanned. Time graph shows the elapsed time between the end of all three jobs.

In our tests of crucial M4 brings an improvement of 10 to 15% live in multi-tasking on the Intel X25-M.

During heavy work multiparty situations the difference may be asked to get bigger. As shown in the figure, a 5400 rpm hard drive and multitasking do not mix.

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