Serveur NAS synology diskstation ds411slim review

Synology Disk Station DS411slim combines a mix of textured matte black plastic and shiny on the outside, where size models Synology 4-Bay, we examined the extent to which the use of stamped metal bodies. Another addition to the DS411slim is a small plate in the box, but not entirely necessary for the operation, which is often used when the NAS is placed on textured surfaces such as carpet.

With the smallest body in the DS411slim, the fan is at the bottom of the unit, rather than backward. If you give this and put a carpet on the NAS without your support, you quickly realize that something is not the first time the device beeps and stops quickly in an act of self preservation. That's because soft, small feet can not lift the body enough to make room in the body to tap into the air. The solution to this is the additional plate, which gives the model of the height necessary to continue to draw in cooling air.
Despite the limited space in front of DS411slim, Synology still involved in a full range of LED and extra features. Front-mounted USB port is included quickly connect external drives, and "Copy" under the power button, you can drag the data off without having to access the web. This feature is also a multi-card reader, pulling the latest photos from the flash card using a digital camera.

If you take one of the Synology NAS systems designed for 4-bay 3.5 "hard drives and attacked a psychiatrist-ray, is now the miniature in size but big on features DiskStation DS411slim The thin is always 4 - . rack unit, however, consumes only 2.5 "footprint device to a desktop size of the environment. Inside, the NAS is powered by a 1.6GHz processor and the hardware encryption engine, and features 256 MB of memory, an eSATA port for use with external drives and two USB ports, one in the front support instant transfer. Like all systems of Synology, the thinner you get the latest version of Disk Station Manager, its intuitive graphical user interface for managing the NAS.

The DS411slim not only small for young love - with the smaller 2.5 "also means using less energy to those without the need for massive storage arrays, up to 4 TB of storage with the thin can make much sense - . commitment courses with the smallest body is the ability - a level of 4-bay 3.5 "NAS would be in excess of 12 TB for comparison. The slim offers several flavors of RAID, and since it is the software, users can combine drives in the array.

Synology Disk Station DS411slim information

• processor speed: 1.6 GHz
• Hardware Encryption Engine
• Memory: 256 MB DDR3
• Internal hard drive SATA 2.5 "X4
• Max Indoor Capacity: 4 TB (4 x 1 TB Hard Drive)
• External Hard Drive Interface: USB 2.0 X2, eSATA port X1
• Dimensions: 120mm x 105mm x 142mm
• Weight: 0.66 kg
• LAN: Gigabit X1
• Fan: X1
• Power consumption: 16.8W (Access), 9.6 W (hibernation)

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