raid external hard drive Sabio DM2-PT review

Wise DM2-PT RAID option enabled you can take two or 9.5mm 12.5mm SATA - mode devices using SPAN or left in the mirror or storage shed - provides complete control over the operation of its storage capacity is managed. The integrated RAID controller to configure quickly and efficiently.

Wise Disk Performance DM2-PT is pretty impressive. Fast, quiet and unobtrusive, we liked the fact that it offers masses of storage configured on a device that does not skimp on the finer details. For example, connected via FireWire 800 and the player can switch power adapter, USB 2.0 and eSATA are supported.
In addition, the unit comes with all cables you need, which is a nice touch.

The construction quality of the Wise DM2-PT position is excellent and the aluminum frame allows you to heat, because this station does not use any fans. And if there is need to enhance your ability to drive, this is easy to implement. Since the unit is designed for users who need to transport large volumes of data, you probably do not want to invest very robust than in the case of vinyl covering protection is provided.

The small footprint is ideal if you need to carry Sabio DM2-PT-disk, or have limited office space.

Also provided, the configuration program. It is well presented and easy to get the RAID configuration you want and also complete a rebuild, if you use a mirror, not there.

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