Professional Gaming Headset Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS SHOCK Foldable review

Tt eSports, gaming device subsidiary of Thermaltake, is expanding its range. We have already reviewed its keyboards and mice, but this is the first headset of eSports Tt has honored our laboratory.

The shock is a big and bulky helmet with a big, padded headband. Each ear can bend inward courtesy of a link between the headset and a headband, thereby reducing the size of shock for easy transport. It is sturdy and feels durable, but still easy.

Padding is exactly the right place at the helmet, but the pads are on the small side and not very clear in our ears - the cups are certainly head down in mind. This is compounded by the fact that the pressure in the ears became uncomfortable after a short period. Band can be adjusted, but this does little to make it more comfortable.
The padded cushions also means that our ears are sweating due to exercise harder helmet on his head. Despite this tight fit, the headphones also allowed a good amount of sound to escape through the material. To make matters worse, we feel that the exterior design of the crash was not as smooth as some of the competition, their parts angular appearance is not enough for our taste, although it is a very subjective assessment, of course.

Listening to some of our favorite music, the bass of the hatch has been mediocre at best, often sounds boring and lacking in detail, especially in large volumes. The midrange and high end have been clearer, but still sounded faded and dull compared to the sound of Carcharias Razer.

On the positive side, the volume of HF is a valuable addition to the cable, and also allows you to easily mute the microphone. Mute switch is clearly marked, so if you can not find team-mates to ignore the wise counsel of the game, only to realize that you are disabled yourself, you only have yourself to blame.

The microphone quality is not brilliant, but picked it up a little background noise 'in the tests online. It is the poorest quality of the microphone, we have used, but certainly do not want to wait for a better price shock.
The clash of eSports Tt is a reasonable handset, but fails to impress in a number of areas. The bass response is flat perhaps the biggest problem as far as audio is concerned, and the mic quality is very questionable.

While the midrange and high frequencies sounded acceptable, they often leave much to be desired compared to other headsets we've tested. The main reason to go elsewhere, however, is the uncomfortable tight - it's a shame that the shock is also well done.

If you can not live without a microphone and line volume control, headphones Razer Orca costs only £ 15 more and offer much better audio quality, especially when it comes to low frequencies. If the crash is much cheaper than the Razer Carcharias, if the ability to talk to your teammates is essential, while the latter is significantly better in every way.

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