Power Supply FSP AURUM GOLD AU-700 Review

Once again we have another sign of the test of power that many readers know little or nothing. FSP Group has been around for a bit 'of time and produces a wide range of power consumption, industrial and professional use worldwide. Those who have been around long enough can also be identified by the mark Fortron Source. We were told that some of their most recent supply of power is an extraordinary performance and efficiency, so happy to offer when asked if we would like to sample units FSP.

FSP has sent the AU-700 power supply, the largest lineup of four models Aurum. FSP credits AURUM family 80PLUS power supplies meet the gold standard, and 90% efficiency, and says they are also "the perfect combination of high quality and efficiency."
Let us begin to take a look at the characteristics that our AU-700 offers and we'll see if it has the performance to back up what he can boast on paper.

On the surface, it appears that the AU-700 should provide plenty of power all around. This is a relatively small high-power rails, and a total of four 12V rails. 3.3V and 5V rails are each capable of 28A combined of 100W. Many people think that the four 18A 12V rails would be enough, but few have probably come to terms on his head. This is only a 216W power for all locomotives.

Given that the GTX 570 and GTX 580 needs 244W 219W power required, a single power rail is more than likely not be enough to feed a single high end GPU. It's something to consider when matching AU-700 system components.

The UA-700 comes with a very modest set of features. Although not everything that we see in a power supply, which includes the most important. A full range of protections are packed inside the FSP-700 AU, including hard to reach the prosecution. Given that all cables are connected natively on the AU-700, we see a big X for the modular cables. Not affect the performance of the power supply and is really more of a personal preference.

One thing we do not find this is a power of 100% renewable 50C rating. The unit is rated at 40 ° C, however. FSP claims the device both SLI and Crossfire Certified, and they seem rather proud of the efficiency rating as well. because the device performs at the top end of 80 PLUS Gold rating.

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