Power Supply Corsair TX850 V2 PSU review

Check out the new design of the power supply Corsair TX850, TX850 called V2, now with a design of DC-DC and 80 Plus Bronze certification. It is important to understand that even if the old TX850 was manufactured by CWT, which is a new label 850VH marking unit, the new Corsair TX850 is manufactured by Seasonic V2 are identical with the XFX 850 W PRO unit.

The only difference between the Corsair TX850 and V2 PRO 850 XFX Fan W (140 mm and 135 mm model Corsair XFX model, the composition of the connectors of the graphics card "four of six or eight pin Corsair model and two six-pin and two six or eight pin XFX model", and the peripheral power cable assembly "two cables with four standard peripheral power connectors and one floppy drive power connector on each model of Corsair, and a cable with four standard power connectors device and a cable with three peripheral power connectors and one floppy drive power connector from the XFX model".
The TX850 V2 is 6.3 "(160 mm) deep with a 140 mm fan with double ball bearing  for the bottom .

The new Corsair TX850 V2 has a system of modular cables.

The Corsair TX850 V2 can really maintain its power marked at high temperatures, has a decent performance between 82% and 86%, excellent control voltage, and ultra low noise levels and training.

Although V2 TX850 is well rated XFX PRO 850 W to pay less. Interestingly, the opposite occurs in the W 750 V2 TX750 is slightly cheaper than the XFX PRO 750 W.

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