Power Supply Corsair HX1050 review

The document HX1050 is certainly more impressive. It offers 80 Plus Silver certification and has a strong 12V rail to measure the output of all 1050W - 87.5A. Corsair are convinced that the unit will last a long time because they give a 7-year warranty with the product.

The Corsair HX1050 uses advanced DC / DC circuit and say that Corsair has over 80 Plus Silver certification standards, with a yield of up to 88% (115v). With a semi modular design, 140mm fan, low noise, 50c rating and the selling price of around £ 160, which could very well be one of the best value for the money supply in the market.
Corsair HX1050 delivered within the plastic cover, which is felt throughout the bag. Of course you can say they did not cover all the possible reasons for an expedition in principle.

The power is very underrated unit that is suitable for most systems, and is ready to cover scratches matte finish that does not mean easy. This is not a clean modular, so there are a handful of cables to feed out of the body.

The HX1050 does a fantastic addition to the seizure of power supply Corsair award. First impressions are very positive, with a substantial package, which includes a handy bag to store the view cable. The flat modular cables not only look great, but helps reduce air friction, increasing the flow through the chassis. The application of paint and the overall quality of construction is impeccable, as one might expect from a Corsair branded product.

Corsair CWT custom design shows a well-balanced - provide superior load regulation and a stable cross-loading of stress tests. The high efficiency is above 80 Plus Silver certification, and a large, high quality 140mm Yate Loon fan ensures proper airflow while keeping noise to a minimum. Only the top 20-25% of the load does not supply comes from within, and even then are in the majority of amateur performance-based build system.

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