Notebook HP ProBook 6560b Review

Personally, I do not remember any other device that is sturdy and luxurious at the same time as the only Compaq 6560b. This is a magnificent beast beats and powerful too.

Powered by an Intel Core i5 and 4 GB of memory used in Windows 7, 6560b ProBook produces enough energy to manage my daily activities with ease.

So what I do is install the applications I use daily to work, and some applications I use to play. Curiously install Office 2010, Adobe Acrobat, my favorite e-mail , web browser, Seesmic and BlackBerry Desktop Manager and iTunes. In terms of games I make sure that the latest version of Flash is installed, and install Star Trek Online, The Sims and World of Warcraft.
For my day job so far, the EliteBook there was no problem, let me multitask with Outlook, Word and Acrobat to open my mail with seismic programs and my browser.

I do not know all the open applications in the browser, go to and games, Farmville and villas of the city. These two games can tax system resources. Farmville for example, has fallen from some notebooks. However, the graphics Intel Core i5 and inside ProBook 6560b ProBook be treated as it is.

When he came to the game I have played both Star Trek Online and WoW without any problems.

I save the game in a network, it is the same game everywhere. Big House could crash a system.

ProBook 6560b is a lot of software to help keep your system running smoothly, securely and helps you save money.

HP ProtectTools security software that lets you manage your passwords and how it connects to your system. You can literally tell the system to require a fingerprint recognition and face before they can connect.

Pretty cool, and something you want if you opt for the highly sensitive information in the system.

There is software theft, even available on the system at a cost of $ 43 per year for the premium version, which allows you to lock the system and / or erase its hard drive. Incidentally, you can even do so if the hard disk has been formatted systems. He also works with Intel AT (anti-theft) technology, which will almost kill a system if it does not call home within a certain time. Some features require a broadband wireless to work.
In addition, the system software allows you to save on electricity bills. Assistant HP Power controls how much energy the system is in use and can schedule different power settings for the system at different times. It also shows the history of energy consumption.

Something really cool is how the system is easily expandable, you can take the system back off and access to memory, wireless card, hard drive and CPU, even.

When it came to battery life, depending on how I used it I averaged just under 4 hours, which seems to be typical of any laptop I use. The system is a little heavier than others, but you would expect to conceive, and after a while I use for transportation.

The only complaint was ProBook 6560b did not come with an HDMI port. Certainly had a lot of USB and eSATA port and a memory card reader. But not HDMI. I forgot that is a harbor view, but I want to be in connection with this bad boy on my TV and stream movies and TV in a hotel room, I can not stay in. Sign in HP adds HDMI. Airplane mode is a system in which it intends to remove the bluetooth, wireless and wireless boradband. Airplane mode does not remove the Wi-Fi no longer existing Wi-Fi on planes. Hopefully, HP repair!

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