Netbook laptop Toshiba NB550D-10G review

The first circuit around the Toshiba NB550D-10G, there is little to differentiate it from the Wintel standard netbook. That is a shame that this design approach means that he still suffers from a low screen resolution of 1024 x 600 and 1 GB of memory dump. It also comes with the release of Windows 7 boot cheap, which has been hampered in various ways by Microsoft, it is likely that users to exchange less restricted to issues such as Home Premium.

Ports and connectors NB550D-10G Toshiba netbook is almost standard price. On the left is the DC power, Ethernet, an air vent, HDMI, USB 2.0 and microphone and headphone jack. The digital video port is here an extraordinary item.
To the right are two USB 2.0 ports, while the central front is a slot for SD cards. As you can expect a mini-10In the screen, there is no built-in optical drive.

The corners have been cut for Ethernet networks with just too old to 100 Mbps, and the Wi-Fi card adapter is really "half-n" instead of a full version of the 802.11n speeds.

The keyboard feels rather cheap and plasticky, but are comfortable enough to write about - or at least, that's when you get used to the microscopic and shrunken tab ranged combat for the profile room with a left-quote / pipe weird key / tilde key, AltGr and almost useless.

A glossy black bezel frames the screen, even Glariers blank. We liked the texture of dimpled palm rest area, even though it sported a pair of small speakers worthy of the shelf of a car Boyracer.

Get the odd look past these Harman Kardon speakers, however, and you will find the best sound of any netbook on the market - a stroke of his Dymanic heard it's better than most laptops size.

Test Toshiba NB550D-10G was not without its problems. In our laboratory procedure, we installed a copy of Windows Vista 6.1, and tried to measure battery life with Bapco MobileMark 2007 productivity.
MobileMark is nervous following Windows programs tend to fail at the slightest provocation, but in this case we managed to get the benchmark to run once the battery conditioning and consistency checks, we always executed at least twice.

However, in his only race lasted NB550D-10G Toshiba 493 minutes - about eight hours and fifteen minutes. Now, with its battery 61Wh generous, a decent runtime not be so surprising for a netbook. But almost every laptop ever made using an Intel Atom tuned for fuel economy, not the kind of performance that transforms the ordinary tasks in the syrup.

Unfortunately, the gremlins little test in our performance tests of the real world as well. WorldBench 6 timers scripted actions of the ten different programs in Windows, but NB550D-10G Toshiba could not get it to run more than seven of them, which meant the end result, inevitably, fell to a 31-Atom as points . We ran out of time to establish the cause of these defects.

The other half of the APU is the history of graphic potential. Its clock speed of 276MHz GPU Radeon cores and 80, AMC-C50 dual-core processor proved to be quite capable of light in a small Windows games, and high-resolution video playback.

We could not test the potential of DirectX 11 standard Stalker: Call of Pripyat reference, because the game refused to load. But the fear of Microsoft DirectX 9 games, NB550D-10G Toshiba could play at 20 fps with settings at max, 33fps and 39fps high increases average.

Video worked well on the Toshiba NB550D-10G, with smooth HD playback, and the overall feel of the netbook was more lively than a typical netbook. That counts for a lot of day to day use of any PC.


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